Trunk Release Hyundai KEYBLANK-HY12-P



Hyundai HY12-P / 5pack

Trunk Release

KEYS > AUTO KEYS - Basic Key - No Chip > Hyundai
HYUNDAI > SANTE FE > 2001 Sante Fe
HYUNDAI > SANTE FE > 2002 Sante Fe
HYUNDAI > SANTE FE > 2003 Sante Fe
HYUNDAI > SANTE FE > 2004 Sante Fe

  • Hyundai HY12-P

  • Non-Transponder

  • Plastic Head Keys are sold in 5 Packs

  • Actual keys shipped maybe Bianchi, Jet, JMA or Ilco.

    • This key will require cutting to work in your locks. You will need to have an existing working key to copy from. We recommend going to your local locksmith to have your keys cut. Most Locksmiths have the knowledge and equipment to service your needs.

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