Air Filter Accessories & Cleaning Products K&N YA-4001PK



K&N YA-4001PK Yamaha Air Filter Wrap

EAN: 5052267850343

UPC: 024844110879

SKU: TR40-0264

Air Filter Accessories & Cleaning Products

This product wraps your air filter with an additional pre-filter
Extends service interval of your K&N filter in dusty conditions
Durable polyester material with stitched elastic openings
Cleanable with K&N Filter Cleaner

The K&N PreCharger filter wrap is specially designed to extend the service interval of your K&N Filtercharger filter when used in very dusty conditions. They are made from durable polyester material containing a uniform weave. The PreCharger will stop small dirt particles with minimal restriction to the airflow of the filter.

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