Filters Goldenrod 56593



Goldenrod Spin-On Water Block Filter - 3/4in. Fittings, Model# 596-3/4


WATER-BLOCK spin-on canister absorbs water from gasoline and diesel fuel, and filters microscopic particles (10 microns) of rust, sand, dirt, scale and lint. Restricts fuel flow as water is absorbed, signaling the need for a canister change. Also can be used with biodiesel blends up to 20%.
Note: When used with fuel containing alcohol, the water-absorbing feature is disabled. Zinc top cap with 3/4 inch NPT pipe fittings. Maximum recommended working conditions 50 PSI and/or 12 gpm.

Can be used with gasoline, diesel, gasohol and other fuels. U.S.A. Hose Fitting Size in. NPT 3/4.

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