Roto Caps & Spring Retainers Skunk2 Racing SK2-308-05-0420

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Skunk2 S2000 Titanium Retainers

EAN: 9784526134579

Roto Caps & Spring Retainers

2000 - 2008 Honda S2000 (Base) 2008 - 2008 Honda S2000 (CR)
42 percent lighter than OEM steel retainers.
Pair with Pro Series Valve Springs for the ultimate valvetrain.

Skunk2's industry-leading Titanium Retainers for Honda's F-series S2000 engines are designed to significantly reduce valvetrain mass, resulting in more horsepower and improved valvetrain stability. Unlink other retainers, Skunk2 Titanium Retainers feature radius-cut edges for additional rocker arm clearance and reduced weight, strategically positioned lightening grooves, and reduced overall heights for better valve seal clearance and even further weight reduction.

Aluminium Schlauchhalter Ø 45mm ( Schwarz, gummiert )
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